Superposition/jet streams

(Image: Royal Meteorological Society)

Permeable Structures: A Performance Essay in Stereo (2006) includes the vocal scores of my sound work 5 Pieces for Doubled Voice interspersed with prose commentary and exploration. The full essay has never been published, but excerpts appeared in Belladonna Chaplet #87, Plantarchy, West Coast Line, Slightly West, and Action Poétique (in France). The original sound work was created for the performance writing series at New Langton Arts in San Francisco in 2005.

“In Permeable Structures: A Performance Essay in Stereo (Belladonna* #87), Laura Elrick orchestrates a multi-voiced conceptual text into an exploration of interior and exterior space. The concern here is with how one inhabits landscape in all of its various forms: the social; the personal; the geographic, etc. Bookended by expository notes that include mention of the video installations of Jane and Louise Wilson, the writings of Žižek, Henri Lefebve, Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge and Freud, the body of the text is comprised of dual columns of verse, scored for two simultaneous voices. Like a clipped version of Beckett’s back-and-forth between Vladimir and Estragon, these voices weave in and out of one another, locating and dislocating the work, while expanding, recasting, and questioning the terms of the conversation. As with many of the Belladonna chapbooks, this is an excerpt from a much larger work, which itself, as Elrick clarifies, draws from the poetry in her recent book Fantasies in Permeable Structures (Factory School, 2005), thus further complicating the interior/ exterior dialectic.” —Noah Eli Gordon in Jacket 2

Belladonna Chaplet #87, 2006

Plantarchy 2, 2006

Audio of one section from 5 Pieces for Doubled Voice (sound engineering by Balan Villaneuva):

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